Fairytales & Pixie Dust

There’s a young photographer I know though a friend that has been working for the past year or so as an advocate of finding true beauty in others, and by extension, putting an end to bullying.

This is some of her early work.


Her earlier works consisted of pictures of girls who volunteered to paint themselves with words they’d been called—ratchet, fat, emotional, any number of slurs against them—and wearing them in defiance of the abuse, and proving that it doesn’t define them. Pictured above, they’re supporting one another, holding up signs that say, “You are worth more!” and “Never give up!”

The photographer, Shay, had also been a victim bullying, and had a past with personal struggles that seem to have given her a sense of empathy and strength in overcoming adversity that is truly admirable. Even more so, she’s sharing this with each of her photo shoots as she continues as a young photographer, going by the name Fairytales & Pixie Dust. She affectionately calls the many ladies who she photographs “princesses.” c:



imageimageI find Shay’s work truly inspiring, and I really hope she continues with this. Find her Facebook page here.

Really, she’s such a delight, and I hope you guys enjoy her work as much as I do. <3

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